Well, his name is "Buck Buck" (because thats what the cadbury easter bunny says) he is an amazing black and white lop eared bunny that is very obiedient. he comes when hes called and uses his litter box, even when running around my home. |He is an intact male (not neutered) but has never sprayed. He his amazing with any animals and is best friends with my dog. he will run around on leash but prefers to run around the "bunny proof" home. i need him to go to a home with NO small children (he is not first pet material.. hes way too amazing for that) the only reason he needs a new home is due to my fiance being deathly allergic to him. (buck has his own bedroom dedicated to him, but he cant come out of it) I AM VERY PICKY ABOUT WHO HE GOES TO!!!! he must go to a bunny crazy home that can afford him ( i work at a pet store so he only gets the best things) he comes with everthing, but will only be fit with the perfect home. i know theres somebody out there!