Male Ferret For Sale-Maverick;

-Just over 1 year old
-Neutered and Descented
-Tame with Basic Training
-Litter Trained
-Cohabitates with dogs and cat
-Full of Life and Character

Along with Maverick, we have everything you could need to care and own a ferret such as;

-3 Story "Super Pet" Cage with large litter box, gravity bin feeder, spare food bowl, 2 cage attaching water bottles(small and large), 3 hammocks, 1 bed, as well as tunnels and slides within the cage.

-1 Story "Super Pet" Spare/Travel Cage (large) - only used once

-2+ months supply of Ferret Food, includes 25ilb food storage container

-1 full bag, plus half a bag of "Yesterday's News" Litter

-"FerretSheen" 2in1 Shampoo

-"FerreTone" Skin & Coat Supplement

-"8in1" FerretBites Fruit and Crunch Treat

Other accessories include;

-Toys; 20' tube, hay mat, jingle balls

-Litter Scoop

-Halter and Leash

-Nail Clippers

Two Ferret Handbooks;

-The Ferret Handbook, Barron's

-Ferrets for Dummies, 2nd Edition

Maverick is a very well behaved ferret, and is in need of a new loving home, as ours is no longer able to give him the care and attention he deserves. He would be perfect to add to your "already established" ferret family or perfect for those who are 'first time ferret owners" - keeping in mind, like a child, ferrets need lots of attention and dedication in order to live a full and happy life which could be for up to 10 years. If a new ferret is right for you, Maverick is a playful companion, full of character that you would be more than happy with.

Please contact me for any more details or inquires;

Shelby-lyn Bouckley